You wait an age for an update, and then, like Altdorf coaches, two come at once. Following swiftly on from the previous section, the final parts of The Enemy Within: a Companion‘s seventh edition are now finished. They include the appendices and (finally) the contents page. I have also taken the opportunity to make some minor corrections and improvements to the earlier sections.

The complete document can be downloaded as a single PDF or as a .zip file containing editable Word files from here. To ensure the PDF displays properly in two-page view, make sure that View>Page Display>Show Cover Page in Two Page View is checked in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

If you have any problems downloading the files, please read this post.

For further background on this project, see this post.

Material for the new WFRP4 Director’s Cut of The Enemy Within can be found here.

Title art by Ian Miller. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.



  1. Hello,
    I’ve put all the parts from the zip file in a single PDF if you’re interested. Not sure what would be the best way to send it to you (I can share it publicly on a Google Drive account if it’s ok)?

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  2. I have updated this post to make the single PDF of the Companion available for download. Thanks to Abelthorne and TheWFRPCompanion for combining the separate PDFs into a single file.


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