Warning. Spoilers for the Enemy Within campaign.

I have written a lot about The Enemy Within in this blog. For the first-edition campaign this information was largely consolidated in my unofficial companion to The Enemy Within. However, fourth-edition GMs face a greater challenge piecing together the various posts and documents. So, to provide a more accessible and convenient guide for them, I have listed some tips and links below.


1. The Enemy Within is a long campaign. I discuss its duration in detail in this post, but all five parts may take very roughly 200 hours to play.

2. It is advisable to read ahead. The GM can then anticipate some problems in connecting the different adventures and plots. Unfortunately, the campaign lacks a synopsis. I hope to write one at some point, but in the interim the ‘Plot’ sections of my reviews serve a similar purpose. Links to the reviews are included in the following sections.

3. It is important for at least one character to have the Read/Write talent. There are many important written documents in the campaign, and an inability to read them can be problematic.

4. Much of my companion for the first-edition campaign is still relevant to the new version. The sections below discuss specifically where it might be useful.


5. I have produced a GM’s guide to this adventure, which can be downloaded from this post. As far as the fourth edition is concerned, this replaces the content in my unofficial companion. Many GMs find the flowchart on p6 especially useful.

6. Although it is nowhere stated in the adventure, events should start on 24 Jahrdrung 2512, if dates in the handouts and elsewhere in the campaign are to be correct.

7. The encounters with Magirius (pp94-96 & 100) are critical to the adventure.

8. An important issue for Enemy in Shadows is preparing for the transition to Death on the Reik. The main clue is intended to be Handout 10 in Enemy in Shadows (pp100-101, also mentioned on p9 of Death on the Reik). This can be reinforced by Heironymous Blitzen (p140 in Death on the Reik). Unfortunately it is easy to miss the connection.

9. See my review for further tips and ideas on running the adventure.


10. I have not yet produced a set of fourth-edition GM’s aids for Death on the Reik. However, the fourth-edition adventure differs very little from the first-edition one, and so the content in my original companion is usable with very little modification.

11. As noted above (point 8), GMs should pay attention to the players’ motivation for pursuing Etelka Herzen.

12. The regional map lacks a scale. I suggest GMs apply a scale where approximately 7mm or a quarter of an inch on the map equals 10 miles, or use the distances and times presented in my companion to the original Enemy Within.

13. The scale on the map of the caverns beneath Castle Wittgenstein (p87) should be doubled. For a more detailed discussion of the maps, including some revised versions, see this post.

14. See my review for more tips.


15. Again, I have not written GM’s aids specificially for the fourth edition adventure, but the material for the first-edition version in my companion can still be used. (Note that Gotthard Wallenstein was known as Gotthard Goebbels in the first-edition adventure.)

16. See also my review for tips on running the adventure.


17. Since this adventure is entirely new, my companion for the first-edition campaign contains little of relevance, though some of the supplementary material on pp169-173 might still be of use.

18. I have produced a set of flowcharts to assist GMs with the investigations in this adventure.

19. My review contains some tips for GMs.


20. Again, Empire in Ruins is a new adventure for the fourth-edition campaign, so my unofficial companion is of limited use in running it.

21. I have not yet reviewed Empire in Ruins, and will hold off any suggestions for GMs until I do.

22. I have, however, previously drawn up some alternative ideas for the finale. They are written for the first-edition campaign, but should also be usable with the fourth-edition campaign.

For some brief suggestions on tying the parts of the campaign together better see this post.

For a complete list of my Enemy Within posts see this link.

Title art used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.


  1. For those interested to expand EiR, it is easy to adapat the first chapter of EaW after THR, which I plan to do in my game and introduce Helmut Todbringer. Wasmaier plot can be expanded as per EaW. Personally I plan to bring back the original Karak in place of caves of chaos that smells for me too much DnD and final battle with Baron Heinrich.


  2. I wanted to say thanks for all your work. As a new WFRP GM (that hadn’t played any Role Playing games for 20 odd years) I found the updated GameMasters Tips for Enemy in Shadows invaluable.
    Wanted to thank you for your efforts.

    The FlowChart of Events is worth its weight in Gold. It removed a lot of the stress when dealing with all the random timelines that my players created.

    Haven’t checked out the rest of your campaign info yet but I will be doing so shortly!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re welcome! I appreciate the comment. I would like to continue with the fourth-edition GM guides in future, though it’s likely to be quite some time before I get to them, if at all.


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