In 2014 I made available a document containing material to assist GMs of the original Enemy Within campaign. It was 100 pages in length and was predictably called The Enemy Within: a Companion (TEWAC, for short).

Since then I have continued to work on the document. In 2015 I released a sixth edition, which contained more than 200 pages of material, but by then the source files had become quite unstable.

So I embarked on a full rewrite. As you will understand, this has been a substantial undertaking. I have made considerable progress, but it is not yet complete.

Given the scale of the project, I have decided to release the seventh edition piecemeal. It will be divided into the following sections:

  • Covers
  • Endpapers
  • Title page and contents
  • Introduction
  • Phase One (the journey to and events in Bögenhafen)
  • Phase Two (the Reik)
  • Phase Three (Middenheim)
  • Phase Four (Kislev)
  • Phase Five (the finale)
  • Appendices

I will make them available in the order listed, with the exception of the title page and contents, which will be last for obvious reasons.

The covers, endpapers, introduction and Phase One material are available now. They can be downloaded here. The remaining parts will follow in due course.

If you have any problems downloading the files, please read this post.

There is an update on this project here.

I have partially revised the Companion for the fourth-edition version of the campaign. See this post.

Title art by Ian Miller. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.



  1. Totally fantastic. I’m gearing up to running TEW again (using Zweihander) and this has been sooooo useful! Will you be changing anything in V7?


    1. I’m glad it has been of use! There are a host of minor changes planned for the seventh edition, plus some substantial expansions to Phases Three and Five. I am hopeful the Phase Three material will be finished soon. I hope that helps.


  2. In WFRP 1st Edition Fans facebook group I have posted a printable floorplan of the Blood on the tracks encounter. Would you like to include this material in the 7th TEWC?

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    1. Thanks for the offer. For now I’ve decided not to go back and make any major revisions to earlier parts of the Companion. Otherwise I fear I will get stuck in a cycle of amendments and the project will never be finished. This is, though, something I would like to consider for a future edition.


      1. The companion project is never finished. When I first played TEW I drew a plan of the encounter by hand. It took all evening and included a cardboard coach on its side. Piy I left it at home when I went to play the encounter and had to use a narrative description of the combat.


        1. You’re right! The road goes ever on…. I would at least like to wrap up this iteration of the Companion, though, before embarking on major revisions. You should hear more about that soon.


    1. There’s a full list of fonts on p15 of the Companion. Unfortunately it doesn’t break it down handout by handout. Based on a quick glance, the main ones used in the new Carnival handouts are Algerian, Ardagh, BlackCastleMF, Bordoni MT Poster Compressed, Caslon Antique, Dominican, Mailart Rubberstamp, PentaGram’s Callygraphy, Playbill, QuentinCaps, Serial Publication, Shakespeare First Folio Font and Thin Press. All the fonts are free, I think.

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      1. Me again. 🙂 You list one of the fonts as “Fraktur”, but this is a font family, I can’t find any fonts with just the name “Fraktur”. Can you please clarify exactly which Fraktur font is needed? You already mention “BayreuthFraktur” and “Luthersche Fraktur” separately.


        1. There are also several fonts available which unhelpfully just call themselves Fraktur. I used one of these, but cannot now work out which. It looks very like (but isn’t) Fette Haenel Fraktur.


  3. Got to say, this is excellent work.

    I grabbed a copy at work this afternoon and started reading while, er, waiting for the compiler. I wasn’t expecting such a hefty tome.

    I’m intending to run TEW directors cut when it’s out and have been reading over the campaign again to get myself reoriented. Even without knowing what’s definitely coming (especially later on) I think this is invaluable.

    I’m hoping to recruit five players. Three are definitely interested, having been players of various Warhammer/GW stuff over the years, one has played TEW, but like me it was many years ago. It’s not the case for the other two, so I was wondering if you knew of a good player friendly synopsis, or perhaps even elevator pitch for the campaign? Your new player introduction section does look very solid!


    1. Thanks. I hope it’s useful. For a synopsis or elevator pitch of TEW, I suggest taking something from the adventure blurbs or ads in White Dwarf. Other options are sourcing something from online campaign blogs, or, of course, writing your own.


  4. Yes. Probably the best choice. I think finding all this great material is making me a little lazy.

    Further reading of the Companion today, I noticed you addressing the issue of travel time by barge to Bogenhafen. I might be getting my geography wrong, but isn’t that linked, at least partially, by canal?

    If so, the time difference can easily be explained by lock delays. Having been on a few canal trips myself, I can attest to the time sink they can be, especially at busy times.


    1. I hadn’t thought about the locks, but I don’t think they solve the problem. The Reikland hex map in The Enemy Within shows five locks on the Weissbruck canal. They are not enough to account for the two days of delay. If we assume 15-20 minutes per lock, the total delay would be less than two hours.

      I think it is just better to assume M 2 for the Berebeli. That gives a more realistic speed, anyway, in my opinion.


  5. A vessel called Berebeli shouldn’t be too quick.

    Was the hex map a handout/pullout? I’ve lost a lot of them by the looks of it.

    The TEW opening page is pretty good. Tied to a high level overview of the rest of the campaign, it will hopefully do the trick.


  6. Dear Gideon,
    We’re a group of fans of your work & blog mainly from the French FB page “Warhammer JDR pour MJ-Campagne Impériale” (For GM only-EW campaign) and some of us will be interested to translate the latest version of your Tewac Companion into French. Is there a possibility of contacting you by email or on FB in order to see if it’s possible ?


  7. Dear Gideon,
    I hope you received my last email and it wasn’t lost in a portal 😉
    Yours sincerely,


  8. The Warhammer group on FB just pointed me to this page. You must of been working at the University of Nuln and been personally blessed by Sigmar. I can’t wait to dig in! Thank you!

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