It has taken longer than I had planned, but I have now completed the next part of The Enemy Within: a Companion‘s seventh edition, which can be downloaded from here. This part covers the final phase of the campaign, as written in Empire in Flames.

I had considered expanding this part to include coverage of the fan-made adventure The Empire at War. However, I ultimately decided not to. This was for the same reasons I did not include The Empire at War in previous editions. First, it is a fan-made supplement (albeit an excellent one), and I decided to stick only to official material. Second, I have never played or run The Empire at War, and so am poorly qualified to write about it.

I do, though, have extensive notes on The Empire at War. I intend to finish writing them up later and make them available in a separate document. In the meantime, revised versions of the handouts for The Empire at War can be downloaded from here.

The absence of material for The Empire at War means that the content of this section of the Companion is substantially the same as in the last edition. There is expanded discussion of Empire in Chaos, but otherwise the main changes are presentational.

The remaining parts of the seventh edition yet to be completed are the appendices and contents page. They will follow in due course.

For more information on this project, see here.

There is a further update on this project here.


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