I am fascinated by fonts. I take great pleasure in identifying them and selecting them. It’s an interest that naturally extends to the typography of Warhammer.

While not everyone will share my fascination, some might at least be interested in one of its results. I have put together a Word template that replicates fairly closely the look of the original WFRP1 rulebook.

The text of the original rulebook was set in a version of Garamond (probably ITC Garamond). The initial capitals were in Stonehenge and the headings in Casanova Antique. My template uses the closest available free digital fonts. The text is in the default Garamond font in Word. Moria Citadel and Caslon Antique stand in for Stonehenge and Casanova Antique. Calibri is used for the dots that bracket headings.

It’s not perfect, but it’s very close. The template can be downloaded for free from here. It requires the Caslon Antique and Moria Citadel fonts to be installed.



  1. Actually the headers were Caslon Antique. I think Casablanca Antique was a Mac font, and we didn’t get Macs until 1989 or so. WFRP was edited on Amstrad PCWs and then converted by some arcane process to whatever brand of typesetter GW used. All I remember about it was that it was big (but not Linotype big), it required a specialist operator, and it ran out single-column galleys on what looked like photographic paper.

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