It has been some time since I wrote the most recent parts of ‘The WFRP Story’, my history of the development of WFRP1. I will be returning to the series in future to tell its next stage, but in the meantime I have returned to the existing account and made some revisions. I particular I have added an additional post with a digression on the changing relationship between GW and TSR and how this impacted WFRP. The post can be read via the following link.


I have backdated the post so that it falls into the correct place in the series. This has necessitated renumbering some of the other posts.

Title image used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.

5 thoughts on “GASLIGHTING

  1. Hi! I’m a long time reader of your blog. Thank you for years of great reading and insightful content.

    I’m wondering if you would consider creating a no-ad Patreon version of your site? I’d gladly pay a dollar a month to read without the ads.

    Either way If there is a way to keep the site ad-free or support the blog otherwise, please let me know!

    Marlon Deason


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    1. Hi, and thanks for the comment. The adverts are annoying (I’ve grumbled about them myself). They are put there by WordPress and I neither have control over them nor receive any income from them. It is possible to upgrade to a paid plan to remove them, though. I’ll look into a Patreon. If there is enough interest in it, I can get rid of the adverts.


      1. That’s tough. I guess you have to do what makes sense financially. Setting up a Patreon just to remove the ads seems like you’d be working to pay WordPress instead of yourself. I have really enjoyed the extras you provide occasionally. If you were to offer those as well as some out-takes and odds and ends it might add up. But if it takes you away from the writing I’m sure your readers would rather you keep writing. Cheers!

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        1. Well, I’m already writing to pay WordPress! Right now they make their money through adverts, rather than subscription, but they make it just the same. If enough people were willing to pay, as you say, a dollar a month, I could pay to remove the adverts. It would depend on whether enough people were interested.

          I could probably offer some extras like outtakes and previews. I usually have research left over from the historical posts, and have other bits and pieces that don’t find their way into blog posts. They could probably provide a steady trickle of additional content. I don’t have the capacity for a lot of extras, though. I already write as much as I can.

          I should emphasise I am not looking to make money from Awesome Lies (surely a route to penury, in any case). I write it purely for pleasure, and the site will remain free to read.


          1. I’d gladly pay $1~3/mo too, especially if it meant you could upgrade the domain. More than that though, I hope you’re archiving these posts for posterity – I have plenty of faith in WordPress for my own site, but I still keep a local (and backed-up) copy of everything I personally write.

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