Veteran WFRP writer Mike Brunton has passed away. He died suddenly on 18 July.

He started his gaming career at TSR UK, where he worked on Imagine magazine and D&D supplements and adventures. In 1986 he moved to Games Workshop. There he edited White Dwarf and wrote for several Warhammer products. He took on the cyclopean challenge of bringing the long delayed Realm of Chaos supplement to publication, and succeeded where a series of others had failed. He had the equally unenviable task of working the draft manuscript of Empire in Flames into publishable form within tight time and resource constraints. He was part of the Flame Publications team that produced content for WFRP, and continued to write for the game during the Hogshead years; his material appeared in Warhammer Companion and Apocrypha 2: Chart of Darkness. Most recently he was working on The Enemy Within: the Director’s Cut.

He also had a succesful career in video games, working on the Total War franchise (though not its Warhammer incarnations), and in writing fiction, such as War of the Worlds: The Anglo-Martian War of 1895 (Osprey, 2015).

He was an active contributor to online WFRP groups, where his intelligence and humour will be greatly missed.

He is survived by his partner and two young sons.


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