I am still working on the next instalment of The Enemy Within: a Companion‘s seventh edition. In the interim I thought I would share an updated list of Enemy Within links. Hopefully it is useful to have them all in one easily accessible place.


Probably the most important adventure material to Enemy Within GMs is Alfred Nuñez’s alternative finale to the campaign The Empire at War.

My conversion of Night’s Dark Terror might also be useful for GMs looking for a Something Rotten in Kislev replacement.

Another useful resource is the Song of Middenheim blog, which contains a great deal of material expanding the description of Middenheim (though it departs from the setting of The Enemy Within). Especially interesting is this post on the Carnival (though I believe the correct German is der Karneval).

On Middenheim again, Blessings of the Dice Gods has a useful reference guide to the city, with random generation tables.


There are a number of conversions of The Enemy Within for WFRP2. The Winds of Chaos site has conversions by Patrick Füngerlings and Rolph Segers for ‘Mistaken Identity’, Shadows Over Bögenhafen, Death on the Reik, ‘Carrion Up the Reik’ and The Empire at War. Francisco Muñoz has prepared alternative documents for ‘Mistaken Identity’, Shadows Over Bögenhafen, based on Patrick Füngerlings’ conversions. There is also a conversion of Something Rotten in Kislev, though unfortunately I do not know who the author is. I am not aware of any conversions of Empire in Flames for WFRP2.

Some people have suggested I include these conversions in The Enemy Within: a Companion. I would be happy to, with the permission of the authors. Rolph Segers has kindly given permission, but I have been unable to contact Patrick Füngerlings. If anyone knows how to reach him, knows the author of the Something Rotten in Kislev conversion, or even has conversions to contribute, please let me know.


I am not personally a fan of using miniatures and floor plans regularly, but if you are, there are floor plans for many of the locations in The Enemy Within in this blog.


Gitzman’s Gallery and Alfred Nuñez’s site contain some of the best cartographical resources.


There are several blogs and threads describing run-throughs of the campaign. None I have come across document the campaign in full as it was written. Usually they describe modified or incomplete versions. Here are some I am aware of:

The Enemy Within: Actual Play Recordings

The Enemy Within: Remixed

Fight the Power Word, Kill

A Life Full of Adventure (Part One)

A Life Full of Adventure (Part Two)

6 Iron Spikes


The best account of the history of The Enemy Within is Graeme Davis’ 2018 GenCon seminar, which I highly recommend. Graeme has also discussed the subject in this blog post, and interviewed Phil Gallagher about it here.

Title art by Ian Miller. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.

12 thoughts on “THE ENEMY WITHIN: LINKS

  1. (Sorry if two similar comments appear. I wrote one yesterday that seemed to get eaten by WordPress.)

    First, thank you for linking to my “remix” play-report thread on RPG.Net. 🙂 I’ve been thinking of expanding the updates into an actual blog, especially since I’ve already been posting longer illustrated recaps in Google docs for the group internally.

    Second, in case of interest, I’ve got a few more links to TEW campaign journals in various formats that I’ve enjoyed: – using 2E rules, and the setting also seems more 2E (though pre-Storm of Chaos). This is apparently still running and being updated; apparently they’re about midway through a modified Empire at War. – this one is a bit easy to miss since they’ve changed many of the names, and it’s apparently run using D&D 5E (?) rules. Last updated a year ago, by which time they had finished Death on the Reik. I found this recently and have only read part way through it. – using the HeroQuest 2 rules (the RPG, not the GW board game). Apart from using a different ruleset this playthrough adheres more closely than most to the adventures as written, even using the original pregen PCs. It’s spread over a number of thread (the link is to the first, which links further) and seems to stop after Death on the Reik. – another playthrough, also spread over many threads but linking from thread to thread. I just discovered this one; seems to go up to DotR like many others. It seems amusing and, as far as I’ve read, fairly by-the-book. – an actual-play podcast using 3E rules. Last updated this January. There’s also an old homepage with recaps of the earlier sessions here:

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    1. Thanks for posting the other links, especially as it took two goes. Sadly I’m very familiar with WordPress’s post-eating. 😦

      I hope you do find time to put your updates in a blog. I for one would enjoy reading them.


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