Regular readers of this blog will by now be familiar with my ‘WFRP Story’ posts. They are an ongoing attempt to describe the development of WFRP1 from its earliest beginnings up to GW’s abandonment of the game in 1992.

I have already posted the first twenty parts of the story, grouped into two sections. The first section (parts I to VIII) describes how the earliest version of Warhammer (which I call WFB1, though that was not its published title), emerged as a combined wargame and RPG. In the second group of posts (parts IX to XX) I discuss how WFB1 evolved rapidly up to the point when a new edition was about to emerge.

I am now in a position to begin the third section of the story (parts XXI to XXV). This will pick up the story at the end of 1984 and discuss the launch of Warhammer‘s new edition, WFB2.

The next ‘WFRP Story’ post is here.

To go to the start of this series of posts, click here.

Title art by Christos Achilleos. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.


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