I recently came across some additional news on The Enemy Within: The Director’s Cut, which Graeme Davis shared on an Argentinian YouTube channel. Since his comments seem not to have been picked up in the English-speaking WFRP community, I thought they might be worth sharing.

First, he shared some new information on the companion volumes for the campaign.

Cubicle 7 and Games Workshop have agreed that they would like each of the five volumes [of the Enemy Within campaign] to have a companion volume to go with it…. This will include updated versions of some adventures from White Dwarf. It will include expanded background material. I’ve got in touch with some of the original writers and artists and they will be giving their memories and commentaries.

– Graeme Davis, Pinceladasdeplata

This confirms that there will be five companion volumes: one for each part of the campaign.

The comment about White Dwarf adventures is intriguing. One of these is surely ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ (WD98), which was described as a scenario to bridge Death on the Reik and Power Behind the Throne. However, the only other adventures I can recall being linked with The Enemy Within in White Dwarf are ‘Night of Blood’ (WD87), ‘A Rough Night at the Three Feathers’ (WD94) and ‘The Ritual’ (WD99). The first two are being republished elsewhere, so that leaves only the last, which was positioned as an alternative introduction to the campaign.

There was one other piece of information that was new to me, at least.

The plan is for the entire campaign to be published within the year 2019.


Given prior comments on the project’s state of completion, I am very surprised by this. I am not holding my breath, though, after Cubicle 7’s record of delays to date.

For more information on The Enemy Within: the Director’s Cut, see this follow-up post and this previous post.

Title art by John Blanche. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.


    1. Personally I’d say that was unlikely. It’s nowhere described as a companion volume and it looks as though it will be released before The Enemy Within. It seems to me more like a separate project.


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