On 12 September Carl Sargent passed away, at the age of 65.

Sargent had an academic career in psychology and parapsychology, and wrote for many RPGs, but he is best known to many of us for his work on WFRP.

He was prolific and wrote or contributed to Warhammer City, The Restless Dead, Empire in Flames, Lichemaster, Death’s Dark Shadow, Castle Drachenfels, Warhammer Companion, Plundered Vaults and many White Dwarf articles. However, his magnum opus was Power Behind the Throne. This was an exceptional and innovative adventure, which immersed players in the complex politics of a city state. It was House of Cards meets Game of Thrones at a time when mainstream fantasy role-playing was mostly still stuck in dungeons.

He withdrew abruptly from the world of RPGs in the mid 1990s, but left a remarkable corpus of material still enjoyed by gamers today.

His funeral will take place at 3pm on 19 November at Bramcote Crematorium on Nottingham. I am told there is an open invitation to attend. There is an obituary and condolence page here.


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