Blood for the Blood God – a battle pack for use with Realm of Chaos

The army is camped in the Chaos wastes preparing to raid The Empire, but dissension is growing and blood must be spilled before the differences can be resolved. Scheme and battle your way to supremacy of the Chaos army in this unique adventure which combines the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay rules with the Warhammer Fantasy Battle rules.

– White Dwarf 82

As interesting as it sounds, it is not clear how this concept would have been executed. It would surely have been challenging to create an open-ended scenario that could combine the collaborative play of WFRP with the competitive play of WFB.

There were no further mentions of Blood for the Blood God, but the idea of a Chaos warrior adventure re-emerged nearly three years later, under a different title:

The Horned Rat – a huge adventure where you get to play the bad guys, as a band of Chaos Champions battles through a vast lair of the rat-headed Skaven in the midst of the Chaos Wastes.

White Dwarf 115

The complexity of the scenario seems to have been scaled back significantly from Blood for the Blood God. Still, it never appeared, and according to Graeme Davis it never even reached draft stage:

The plan for a “you play Chaos Warriors” adventure goes back a long way. It was planned as a Realm of Chaos support product as soon as the decision was taken to cover WFRP in RoC, so probably 1986. I can’t remember what it was originally called, but clearly someone at GW conflated it with The Horned Rat at some point, or decided to use that title for that product after the decision was taken not to include Phil’s idea for The Horned Rat in the Enemy Within Campaign.

There was a tendency at the time for titles to be leaked ahead of time and customers to ask questions about products that had been mentioned but never came out. Using The Horned Rat as a title for the Chaos Warrior adventure looks like an attempt to cover up a premature announcement of THR.

In the end, the Chaos warrior adventure never happened. I don’t recall ever seeing a manuscript for it, or even an outline.

– Graeme Davis, Strike to Stun

This is part of a series on unpublished Warhammer products. The first post can be read here. The next post is here.



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