Warning. This post contains spoilers for ‘Terror in the Darkness’.

This is part of a series of posts listing my favourite WFRP foes. In fourth place is …


The Ambull was not an original monster. It was an obvious re-hash of D&D/AD&D’s Umber Hulk. It was also strictly not a Warhammer Fantasy monster, but an interloper from Warhammer 40,000. But its appearance in ‘Terror in the Darkness’ was a model of how to use a monster intelligently.


Umbull? Amber hulk?

The Ambull starts as an unknown threat lurking in the darkness. There is an atmosphere of mystery and suspense, The players need to gather information and understand their foe. Most importantly they also need to be thoughtful about that engagement. A full-frontal attack will quickly mean the expense of Fate Points. The Ambull calls for a careful, tactical approach.

‘Terror in the Darkness’ was not the only example of such an approach, but it was for me a memorable one and a welcome departure from the hack and slay that characterised a lot of role-playing in the 1980s. To my mind it was WFRP1‘s Alien, and that is high praise indeed.

The Ambull appeared in ‘Terror in the Darkness’ in White Dwarf 108.


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