This is the first post in what I intend to be a lengthy series discussing the origins and evolution of WFRP’s first edition. The series will start with an account of the very beginning of Warhammer and take the story through to the closure of Flame Publications, when GW stopped publishing WFRP1. It will therefore cover a period of roughly ten years, from 1982 to 1992. That is not, of course, the whole story of WFRP, or even of WFRP’s first edition. It will omit the Hogshead years and subsequent editions of the game. However, it is a large enough project that I have decided not to expand its scope further.

The story will inevitably bring in the history of WFB, GW and Citadel, and a significant amount of material will be relevant to those subjects. However, my main purpose is to tell the tale of WFRP, so I intend only to touch on those subjects insofar as they shed light on WFRP. Similarly I shall not cover the history of D&D or role-playing and wargaming in general. Those subjects are somewhat tangential and have been covered well elsewhere.

Sadly it will not be a complete and thorough history. I do not have the time to conduct primary research or to prepare the material to normal academic standards. So this will be an amateur effort. I hope it will be interesting nonetheless. Perhaps someone might in future address the subject in the greater detail it deserves.

Much of the material will come from interviews given previously by figures in the game’s history. I have decided to include as much of this material as possible. It would, no doubt, be possible to take a more selective approach and provide only the most relevant information. That would have the advantage of economy. However, I feel the speakers’ original words are among the most interesting parts of the story, so I am willing to accept the duplication and greater length a more expansive policy entails.

Although I have already done a significant amount of research on the subject, I will be writing these posts as and when I finish the work. This is likely to mean that the series will at times be interrupted by hiatuses.

Sorry in advance for any errors.

The next post will look at Warhammer’s early origins.

Title art by John Blanche. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.



    1. I hope you enjoy it. You won’t have long to wait for the first part.

      I should also have been clear that I will continue to blog about all the usual things in addition to the WFRP Story. So the “hiatuses” I mentioned will still be filled with other material.


  1. I read your first two post a few months ago, and I remember your post about the Nippon book of wfrp, and surprised by that as I took a considerable time and effort to track it down on the Internet an surprised that someone did the same as I did. When I read further of your blog, I found that you tackle topics with an approach as like a historian, which I really appreciated, keep up the good work!


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