This is part of a series on unpublished Warhammer supplements. The first post in the series can be read here.

When The Enemy Within campaign was first introduced by GW, the penultimate episode was not planned to be Something Rotten in Kislev. It was to be The Horned Rat. There was, as far as I recall, no further mention of the adventure as part of The Enemy Within in any GW publications, except for an allusion in Warhammer City:

I see darkness gathering around a walled town – Shadows Over Bögenhafen! I see the Lord of Death astride a great river – Death, on the Reik! I see a hooded evil behind the seat of a once mighty lord – a Power Behind the Throne!

I see The Empire in Flames! The Horned Rat doth sit on the Imperial throne! It is all written in the Book of Changes. Yea, Chaos’ most determined enemies shall prove its greatest servants.

The Enemy is Within!

Warhammer City, p83

During the Flame era there were mentions of and even advertisements for an adventure with the same title, but this was a different scenario altogether, and not part of The Enemy Within.

Paul [Murphy]’s coming over from the States for a couple of months to develop a Realm of Chaos/WFRP adventure adventure written by Si [Forrest]. Little is being said about this at the moment, but Skaven have been seen clearing a corner of the office ready for Paul’s arrival.

White Dwarf 106

Paul Murphy … has begun working on The Horned Rat, a Realm of Chaos supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

White Dwarf 107

The Horned Rat – A huge adventure in which you get to play the bad guys as a band of Chaos Champions battles through a vast lair of the rat-headed skaven in the midst of the Chaos wastes.

White Dwarf 115

The original scenario remained a mystery until Phil Gallagher shed some tantalising light on it:

The Horned Rat idea was all mine. Mine, I tell you. Who knows how it might have panned out, but I had this idea that a bunch of Skaven were developing a means of bringing Morrslieb down to earth… and/or they had created a portal to enable them to teleport to the surface to mine it… Chaos-mutations a-plenty!

Phil Gallagher, Graeme Davis’ blog

Neither version of this scenario ever saw the light of day. It would be interesting to know if any work was done on them, but that information might now be lost in the mists of time.

The next post in the series follows here.

To read my thoughts on Cubicle 7’s version of The Horned Rat, click here.

Title art by John Blanche. Used without permission. No challenge intended to the rights holders.



  1. The you-play-Chaos-warriors version had the original working title of “Blood for the Blood God,” if memory serves. It was renamed “The Horned Rat” (and got Skaven as the main adversary) when it was realized that: (a) the WFRP version of THR was never going to happen; (b) the name was already out there and GW would look foolish if nothing was released with that title; (c) Realm of Chaos was definitely going to happen, and maybe it should have some adventure-type support.

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  2. Sounds as though The Horned Rat is to rise again in the new revised 4th edition TEW!

    That would make the arrival of RoS so many years after it was first promised look positively timely.


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