This is a continuation of the discussion of downtime events that started in this earlier post. This post addresses love events.

Love events concern PCs’ amorous relationships. They only apply to existing relationships (though relationships may start as a result of life or work events). They have been kept deliberately low key. The aim is for love affairs only to comprise a small part of downtime.

PCs need to dedicate D6 hours per week to the relationship with their lovers.

As before, events are influenced by traits. For love events traits describe the PCs’ love relationships. They reflect either the personality of their lover (eg jealous) or a characteristic of their relationship itself (eg illicit). Traits should be generated by reference to the following table:

Lover Traits.png

Love events can be generated according to the following table (see my earlier posts about generating events and trait requirements):

Love Events Table

Love Events Table.png

All the tables from my downtime posts can be downloaded from here.

The next post on downtime is here.



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