This post continues the discussion of downtime events started in my last post. There I proposed a system for randomly generating events of three different types: life events, work events and love events. The first category has already been covered, so in this post I turn to work events. The next post will address love events.

Work events concern incidents that take place during employment or training under a mentor. The exact nature of events is, as in the case of life events, influenced by traits. For work events these traits concern the PC’s relationship with his or her employer or mentor. When a PC is employed or starts training (as described in my first downtime post), it should be determined whether the mentor has any particular personality traits by rolling on the following table:

Mentor Traits Table.png

The PC may not necessarily be aware of the mentor’s trait at the start of employment. The GM could allow the PC to make a Gossip test to find out such information. Otherwise the GM could choose to keep the trait secret. Knowledge of a mentor’s traits might alter the player’s desire to have the PC work for or train with the mentor.

The family background of the mentor can also be generated via the following table:

Mentor Background Table

It can be seen from the above table that it is assumed that men and women play equal roles in all occupations, trades and professions. This differs from the historical situation in mediaeval and Renaissance Europe.  I have assumed the Old World is more egalitarian for purposes of player inclusion.

Whenever a work event is generated (as explained in the previous post), a D1000 should be rolled and the Work Events Table consulted. This works in the same way as the Life Events Table and events only apply if the trait requirements are met.

Work Events Table

Work Events Table.png

The next post will cover downtime love events.


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