This post continues the discussion of downtime that began here and continued here.

In my original downtime post, I suggested randomly generated events should take place in downtime. A mechanism for this is proposed below. PCs should roll once per week on the General Events Table to determine what events, if any, have taken place that week.

General Events Table

General Events Table.png

As the table makes clear, events can be of three types. Life events apply to all PCs and relate to general aspects of day-to-day life. Work events apply only to those PCs engaged in training or employment and concern events in the workplace. Love events apply to any PCs involved in romantic relationships and concern those relationships.

Separate tables generate events of each kind. This post covers life events. The other two categories will be covered in the following posts.

The exact nature of events depends somewhat on the PC’s circumstances.  For example, if the PC is homeless, he or she is more likely to succumb to illness, or if the PC’s lover is vengeful, jilting him or her may have unpleasant consequences.

These factors are reflected via traits. Traits are attributes of the PC’s situation. For life events they reflect the PC’s standard of living and environment. The PC’s situation is described by a trait that is determined by the PC’s cost of living. The trait is the highest lifestyle for which the PC meets the cost of living, as described in my original downtime post:


Usually, therefore, PCs will have one of the lifestyle traits subsistence, average, comfortable, wealthy or luxurious.  PCs who fail to meet the minimum costs of subsistence become either homeless, undernourished or both, depending on the exact nature of their circumstances.

The PC’s situation may also acquire other traits, depending on events. For example, the traits deluge, drought and freeze are caused by adverse weather.

The detailed events tables list a trait requirement. Events only apply if the PC’s situation has the relevant trait. Thus, if the trait homeless is required, PCs with lifestyles of subsistence and above will be unaffected. If the required trait is any, the event applies regardless of the PC’s specific traits.

Life Events Table

Life Events Table

The next post will cover work events.



  1. Amazing work Gideon!

    One angle I think could be worked in is events dependent on the PC’s location during the downtime (in a city, in a rural hamlet, on the river etc). Eg the ‘Riot’ event would primarily be an urban occurrence. Perhaps give PCs a trait reflecting this – ‘urban’, ‘rural’ – that can be applied in these cases.


  2. Darn. Wasn’t done typing yet 😮

    I like it, but I was wondering if “love events” isn’t too restrictive. And then I scrolled up again to check the numbers and saw “729-764 Love” (which I had overlooked three times), which makes my comment superfluous .

    +1 for Nemeniah’s comment though. Alternatively, you could differentiate that event: Riot for characters in an urban setting, raid for the rural ones.

    Either way, great work.


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