Since I wrote my post on downtime, I have had some further thoughts on how to handle this subject. I intend to expand on it and fill in some of the gaps in the original system with further posts covering events, mentors, employers, guilds, etc. First, however, I wanted to share something to help manage the process: a downtime record sheet. The sheet can be downloaded in Excel and PDF formats from here. The Excel version is fully functioning and can sum non-decimal currency. All cells with white, unfilled backgrounds can be typed over. It uses the Caslon Antique font.

I have also included two completed sheets illustrating an example of training.  They consider a situation from The Enemy Within: Harbull Furfoot training as a Pharmacist under Elvyra Kleinestun’s tutelage.

The numbered columns identify each week and the horizontal rows describe the different activities undertaken during the period. Harbull is learning two skills (Chemistry and Manufacture Drugs) and advancing his Dex score.

Downtime Record Sheet 1

Downtime Record Sheet 2
Since both skills are Intellectual/Practical, they require 20 hours of tuition, study and practice per week. However, Harbull has decided to accelerate his learning of Manufacture Drugs and is undertaking double the normal amount of learning. The required training times for the skills are rolled as 14 and 16 weeks or 280 and 320 hours. Elvyra’s training fees are 14GC per week (doubled in the case of the accelerated Manufacture Drugs training), though in this particular case, she might perhaps feel inclined to offer training for free.

The characteristic advance requires 16 hours practice per week for 9 weeks and no tuition.

Pharmacist is an Academic/Basic career, which requires Harbull to spend 5GC per week to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Harbull completes his Manufacture Drugs training and Dex advance in 8 weeks.  He still needs to spend another 120 hours to get his Chemistry skill. He does this on an accelerated basis over the next two weeks. The whole training process takes 10 weeks in total.

It is notable that the advancement process is somewhat costly and time consuming. The timings and costs come from ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, as discussed in the first post. They seem reasonable to me, but might need some adjustment. They also shift advancement away from a traditional experience-based mechanic. This is in both a logical sense (advancement is a product of training and tuition, not experience) and also a mechanical sense (Experience Points become less important).

The next downtime post will cover events.


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