From Ian Page, the co-author of Orc’s Drift, comes this spirited piece of plagiarism. Maritime mayhem in search of a lost treasure unites an unlikely crew off the coasts of Lustria.

– Advert in Terror of the Lichemaster

And that’s it. As far as I know there is no other information about this proposed supplement. We can guess it might have involved some Norse and Old Worlder pirates. Perhaps some slann and Amazons. Maybe there was even some ship-to-ship combat. But that’s all pure guesswork. There is startlingly little information about this.

Does anyone else know more?

This post is part of a series on unpublished Warhammer supplements. The first in the series is here.

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  1. The name Ian Page is not familiar to me, but I do remember Hal mentioning this title. I always though it was his own idea: he had a lot of ideas, most of which he talked up manically for a few weeks and then dropped in favor of the next thing.

    I think (but I don’t know for sure) Treacher Island was planned as a WFB scenario pack along the lines of Orc’s Drift. As the title implied, it was a pirate-movie spoof, possibly involving Dwarf pirates, possibly off the coast of Hal’s planned Lustria. Hal also talked up something he called Hell’s Bells and Buckets of Blood, which may have been his title for this project, or may have been a piracy supplement or a naval wargame distantly ancestral to Man O’War.

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  2. I asked Rick Priestley if he remembered anything, and this is what he came back with:

    “I think what’s on the web-site is pretty much it – IIRC Ian Page (singer in Secret Affair) was a mate of Joe Dever and Gary Chalk – and I have a vague recollection that Treacher Island was a proposal for another Orcs Drift kind of product for Warhammer Fantasy Battle – but I don’t think it ever got any further than the idea.

    Hell’s Bells and Buckets of Blood was – if I remember – another great title in search for a game – but I believe it was Hal’s proto- fantasy naval wargame rather than having anything to do with the above.”

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  3. A bit late to this, but I thought I’d add that Ian Page was the chap who wrote the four Grey Star gamebooks (illustrated by Paul Bonner), spin-offs from the Lone Wolf series, which fits with RP’s memories of him being a friend of Dever and Chalk.


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