I have been writing this blog for one month now and there have been nearly 2,000 views so far. That’s possibly not impressive compared with other blogs, but it’s been far more than I expected. So thanks to all who have taken a look. I hope you have found something of interest or use.

The most popular posts have been my conversion of Night’s Dark Terror, followed by the first of my WFRP Manifesto posts and Lost Warhammer: Tetsubo.

I hope to make available more material for WFRP‘s first edition and discuss further its early history in future posts. To make the material easier to navigate, I have decided to group posts in six new categories. New material is tagged as ADVENTURES, RULES or BACKGROUND. HISTORY covers WFRP‘s real-world history. General discursive posts are categorised as THOUGHTPIECES. Everything else is MISCELLANEOUS.

The menu in the top-right of each page contains a drop-down box which allows posts to be searched by category. It also contains tags for posts with downloads and for series of posts.

Finally, I have added a Google Translate function in the same menu for those who would like translated text. The majority of the site’s visitors come from countries whose first language is not English. I suspect most are better at English than Google is at their native language, but the function might nonetheless be of some use.


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