Warhammer is well known for its puns. Here are my favourites, in reverse order…


I really don’t know why, but there is something particularly satisfying about a good gnome pun. This one is my favourite (“nomadic”). It’s a character out of Warhammer City.


The Rovers Return is a pub in the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. It is central to much of the narrative and is about as mainstream as British pop-cultural references get. So I am at a loss as to why I missed it for so many years!

Now I can’t even read it without hearing the Coronation Street music. Naaa na na na-na naaa…


In The Enemy Within it is explained that the Empress Margaritha acceded to the Imperial Throne in 1979 and presided over the end of elections and the final collapse of The Empire in the Dark Ages.

It’s hardly the most biting political satire, but it raised a wry smile in 1980s Britain.

The Iron Empress?


Warhammer Fantasy Battle second edition described the worship in Cathay of a Buddha-like deity called the Orange Simca. For years I thought this was a wonderful name for a mysterious, colourful eastern cult.

Then I discovered it was Richard Halliwell’s car.

Simca was a French car manufacturer that was part of the Chrysler group. It disappeared in the late 1970s when the brand was replaced by Talbot. It was never particularly popular in the UK, but I can remember seeing Simca cars in my youth.

Richard Halliwell had – you guessed – an orange one. (I have mental images of the GW Design Team pouring out the office and Rick Priestley saying “Hal, fire up the Simca”.)

For thirty years I missed this pun and somehow the ones hiding in plain sight are the most satisfying. Not to mention that it manages to be utterly ridiculous and strangely appropriate at the same time.

A fine pun.

The Halmobile?


The king of Warhammer puns, all the better for requiring a silly accent for it to work.



One thought on “VERY PUNNY

  1. If you can get hold of Warpstone #14-15, they printed a two-part article called “Secrets of the Warhammer Writers” in which I listed every pun and inside gag I could remember.

    In a similar vein, Warpstone #6 has “Secrets of the Warhammer Artists” in which I did the same thing for the art. A top tip: if you see a book or other writing in any picture by Tony Ackland, read the title and any visible text. It’s usually a gag.

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