In my conversion of Night’s Dark Terror I included a substantial appendix on animism for WFRP‘s first edition. I have also made the appendix available separately in Word and PDF formats here. I thought it worth while briefly to go into some of the thinking behind it.

Spirits were present in WFRP from the beginning. There were druidic spirit familiars and ethereal undead. There were references to possession by animal spirits and to magically expelling creatures’ spirits. Yet there was no consistent framework to make sense of these fragments.

The situation got worse as more spirits were introduced. Ancestor spirits appeared in White Dwarf 100. Something Rotten in Kislev introduced Kislevite nature spirits and Dolgan shamanism. References to animistic magic appeared in Warhammer fiction (for example, Drachenfels).

The material I put together on animism is an attempt to make sense of these disparate elements and create out of them a new magical discipline. I also drew on real-world animistic myth and religion to expand the subject.

It is focused on animism in Kislev, because of the context, but is intended to be flexible enough to cover animism in other areas. GMs should have little difficulty using the rules to describe fylgjur, ulfhedhnar and berserkir in Norsca; totems in the New World; djinn and ifriti in Araby; or shamanism in the South Lands.

Hopefully it serves as a useful addition for some.


2 thoughts on “THAT’S THE SPIRIT

  1. I’ll look forward to reading your work on this, I’m currently playing a Druid in a 1e campaign so will hope this will help me with immersing in the character. Thanks for sharing.


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